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Friday, December 17, 2010

Project Vanquish : Vehicle Update 01

Hey all, it's been a long while since I have any update on this blog and of my artwork. Been busy with college & stuff. Animation is really not my kinda thing.

Been wanting to model out a  sleek streamlined, inter-galatical futuristic single rider vehicle. Powered by the ever-so abundant energy out there, Light. I do strongly believe, one day, humans will be able to compress light and put it to good use replacing all the bio-fuels.

Design Research

For the design, I wanted a cockpit within the hatch, where the rider rides it like a bike, with a custom HUD. A 3 way door hatch system will be used for the cockpit.

Next up is the, side arms, I wanted sidearms in this design. Mainly it is to harvest the energy and as a supply/storage/landing gear. Both sides are then connected at the end of the tail.

As for the navigation, I'd like to intergrate a huge turbo-like boosters as the main thrusts , whilst a dual magnetic ring serves mainly as the steer.

Pre-Blocking the Shape out for Silhouette

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Typography Final (July 2009)

It was titled "My Favourite Type Font Poster" so yeah, i had to choose a font im suppose to like. Well I dont really like Comic Sans but, it was fun to read about all the controversies, the hates and the history of it.